Running for a Good Cause: From Karbach to Tanzania

It is more than 20 years ago that World Heart initiator Denise Benz learned reading, writing and arithmetic in the Karbach primary school. This year she returned to the Hope Home Orphanage in Tanzania to give the children a good education. The reason for the visit was the fundraising run which the primary school is carrying out according to its motto “Live and learn together peacefully”. This year all proceeds go to Weltherz e.V. and thus directly to the Hope Home. The result is impressive: 111 pupils ran 1554 rounds.
around the school building (which corresponds to around 310 kilometres) and raised 2,340 euros in donations. The money was used by Weltherz for the purchase of a property in Tanzania, where
including a new home for the Hope Home will be created.

For the charity run, the Karbach primary school children look for a sponsor (e.g. parents, grandparents, neighbours) who will donate a small amount of money or a lump sum for Weltherz per round around the school building. In order to win these sponsors, our club members Denise and Luisa visited the school festival of the association school Karbach-Birkenfeld at the end of May and informed at a booth about our club activities. Among the numerous interested visitors was also the Karbach priest, who presented the collection of the Thursday evening service in the amount of 150 euros to Weltherz. In addition, another 115 Euros in donations were collected on this day.

Already at the end of March the members of Weltherz Rita and Nina visited the pupils to give them an impression of the life of the orphans in the Hope Home and their fates. The children asked questions about the school system, the self-built chicken house and the self-sufficiency, the food and the water supply. It also became clear to the pupils that not every child in the world is allowed to go to school, that there is not a teacher every day or that there are not enough tables and books available.

With our visits to the primary school we want to show the children that everyone in this world can make a difference – even if they are so young or come from even the smallest village in Main-Spessart.

We are already looking forward to the great support from the charity run and are curious to see how many rounds the students will run around the school building for world hearts!

At this point we would like to thank the headmistress, the teachers and the parents’ council of the Karbach primary school as well as all visitors and supporters from the bottom of our hearts!

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