Weltherz Christmas Special 2019

Give a present for Christmas: “Living without worries”

We are continuing our successful Christmas campaign from the previous year and this year, in addition to the monthly basic provision, we are also targeting the new construction of the Hope Home orphanage. Depending on your budget, you can decide for which purpose you would like to donate – or you can donate completely unbound.

If you would like to “actively” participate in the new construction of the orphanage, the amounts range from 5 Euro for 10 stones to 70 Euro for a door to 235 Euro for the monthly wage of a construction and unskilled worker. For companies or other large donors there is also the possibility of taking over the electricity or water connection or even a complete room including equipment to finance. For this special form of support the rooms receive the names of the donor if desired.

In addition, you can give the children in the Hope Home carefree months again this year by paying a monthly rent, water or electricity or a monthly ration of food. Support us in our Christmas campaign so that Sarah, Joseph and the children can sleep peacefully at night and move into their new home as soon as possible!

Overview of the possibilities:



Clean drinking water is the elixir of life for us all and forms the basis for health and development.

8 € per month


Providing light with electricity: Being able to read and learn after dark should be a matter of course for the children. Light also takes away their fear of the dark.

12 € per month


No child in this world should be hungry. Three meals a day for each child – that is our goal. Enable a balanced diet that promotes the physical and mental development of the children.

175 € per month


Permanent housing gives security and stability to children who have often had to move or change foster families.

120 € per month

Mattress for Sarah and Joseph

Sarah and Joseph must be fit during the day to take care of the children. Currently they have to sleep on a very worn and therefore uncomfortable mattress. Hopefully with a new mattress we can help them get a good night’s sleep.



The Hope Home is located in the malaria risk area. It is the most common cause of death. The impregnated mosquito nets protect the children and allow them to sleep peacefully.



clearance of the property

Before we can really get going, the land must be cleared so that nothing stands in the way of our future construction.


Water development of the property

Access to clean water is not always available in Tanzania. For our construction project, a proper water connection is particularly important to us in order to improve the water supply for the children.


Electricity for the ground

The children should have constant access to electric light that illuminates the night and is safe. Being able to read and learn at any time improves your chances of development.

870 € one time

Wage for 1 construction & 1 unskilled worker

A construction worker in Tanzania is called “Fundi”. He is assisted by an unskilled worker who mixes cement and works for him.

245 € per month

Stone: Every stone counts!

Stone on stone – the cottage will be ready soon! We hope to realize this in the near future.

5 € for 10 stones

Entrance gate

The entrance gate should allow the children to grow up safely in the orphanage by keeping uninvited guests outside.



For hygienic reasons, tiles are used as a floor covering to allow quick cleaning of dust and dirt

12 € per m² tiles

Window incl. protective grid

Windows with iron ornaments are standard in Tanzania, so that you can sleep at night in the heat with the window open – but also safely.

150 € per window

House and room door

In an “extended family” sometimes some privacy is necessary, in order to devote oneself in peace e.g. to homework.

70 € per door

Corrugated tin roof

In Tanzania it also rains from time to time – in order to have dry feet in the future, we cover the new house with a corrugated iron roof.

12 € each

Bunk bed

An own bed, in which one feels safe and comfortable, enables the children to sleep peacefully.

175 € per bed


Today, children do not (yet) know a wardrobe with its own personal compartment. We would like to say goodbye to the plastic bags in which the few things are stored.

140 € per cabinet

Donate a complete room

Every room offers a safe roof over the heads of the children. It is built on a foundation, made of stone and consists of windows and doors.

1500 € per room

What to do:

    1. Decide what you would like to give
    2. Please transfer the total amount to our donation account and enter your selected gift as well as your address

in the intended purpose.

Our donation account:
Weltherz e.V.
IBAN: DE97702501500028883254
Kreissparkasse Munich Starnberg Ebersberg

You will automatically receive a donation receipt from us at the beginning of the following year.
For further information and questions please contact us by E-Mail.

We thank you very much for your support during this year’s Christmas campaign.
“Living without worries”!

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