Frequently asked questions and answers

How long does a sponsorship last?

Each Weltherz sponsorship is terminable at any time without indication of reasons. Our primary goal is to secure basic needs such as water, food and electricity as well as access to school education. However, the children should also be supported in starting their careers after finishing school. Even after your termination, it’s guaranteed that your sponsored child does not have to change school during the current school year or even drop out.

How do I get and stay in contact with my sponsored child?

We will keep you up to date about developments on a regular basis:
– Welcome package for the start of your sponsorship with all information about your sponsored child
– Photos updated annually
– Development report about your sponsored child and the whole project
– There is always the possibility to write letters to your sponsored child
– Communication with the children takes place in English. Since the letters have to be partially translated, we ask for your understanding if it takes a little longer.
– On Facebook and via our Newsletter we keep our supporters and interested parties up to date about our activities and give them an insight.

How can I support my sponsored child beyond the monthly contribution?

– Write letters / postcards and send photos to your sponsored child
– Give your sponsored child a little something as a present. Things such as balloons, stickers, pens, costume jewellery, small cuddly toys, dolls, small puzzles, marbles, bouncy ropes and the like we will gladly take with us on our next trip
– Give a birthday present or a birthday cake to your sponsored child
– Visit your sponsored child on site
If you are interested, simply contact us!

Can I visit my sponsored child in Tanzania?

You are cordially invited to visit your sponsored child and the Hope Home on site. Sarah and Joseph will be happy to give you an insight into their lives and show you around. If you are interested, it is best to contact us early so that we can coordinate the appointment with all participants. We will also be happy to assist you in planning your visit. Small travel tip: The Hope Home is located between two tourist spots: The Kilimanjaro tours start from the city of Moshi, in Arusha you’re starting your safari tour to get to know the African Big Five.

How is my donation used on site?

All donations are earmarked and are used by Weltherz for the respective sponsorship. Your donation arrives 100%. The annual on-site visits of the Welherz members are paid by ourselves.

Are donations of goods possible?

We are also happy to accept donations of goods. Since the transport costs are very high due to the long distance, we would like to ask you to avoid the purchase of new goods. In this cas it is more helpful to donate the money and buy the goods directly in Tanzania. If you have well-preserved children’s clothing, school materials, toys, books, handcraft materials and similar things, it is best to contact us directly.

Is the sponsorship contribution tax deductible?

You can deduct your donation due to the recognized non-profit character of Weltherz e.V. At the beginning of the following year we will send you for your tax return the donation receipt for the previous year without request.

How can I support Weltherz?

– Support us through your contacts: Tell your friends and relatives about Weltherz e.V.
– Support us in our activities, like our stand at the Christmas Market
– Take on responsibility within the framework of an active membership and actively participate in shaping our association
– Support Weltherz in your fundraising run or other activities. We are happy to exchange ideas with you
– Organize your own event such as a charity run, a mulled wine party or a meal among friends and collect donations for your sponsored child.
– Donate instead of giving: Ask relatives and friends for a donation instead of a gift or give away a sponsorship.

How can we keep our costs down?

Through the following measures we can reduce the administrative costs to such an extent that they are covered by the membership fees and do not have to be financed by donations:
– On-site visits at your own expense
– All members of Weltherz are active on a voluntary basis
– Advertising expenses at market prices or as a donation
– Upon receipt of the welcome package, communication will be primarily electronic by e-mail to reduce postage costs

How can I give feedback?

Everywhere and at any time by email, by message on our channels or in a personal conversation with our members. We welcome any feedback – positive or negative.

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