The board and the active members of Weltherz e.V. introduce themselves:

Denise Benz

initiator, director and treasurer

Denise is founder and board member of Weltherz e.V. The lawyer examines the requirements of our association, organizes the international cooperation with the Hope Home and is personally on site every year to convince herself of the progress. Your day seems to have more than 24 hours.


Vanessa Bucher


Vanessa is an engineer with a weakness for technology, plans and lists. Full of enthusiasm, our second board of directors has infiltrated the homepage and ensures in the back office that everything works and looks great in the front end. She takes bugs, crashes and other catastrophes seriously.


Nina Roßberg

Administration, Finance
Business Managerin

Nina has a lot of experience in project management and with Welherz always has an eye on all To Do’s and deadlines. The all-rounder is always there where she is needed – no matter if it’s about finances, organization, texts or on-site visits.


Verena Väth

Senior PR Consultant

Verena is a PR consultant with a strong connection to the media and a passion for writing. Wherever a text needs to be written, streamlined, restructured or simplified, she is there. The newsletters are also created by her.


Rita Benz

General Administration
Managing assistant

Rita takes care of all matters concerning our sponsors, donors and supporters. With a lot of experience from several club activities, she is always ready to listen and to support the entire team with advice and action.


Luisa Dölger


Luisa Dölger, thoroughbred teacher and freshly baked mom, is the school representative of Weltherz e.V. With her network and her creative streak, she helps us with her great ideas to inspire even the youngest ones for the good cause.


Anne König

tax consultant

Anne has a heart not only for the tax office, but also for other people. As a tax consultant, she makes sure that Welherz provides all the evidence and does justice to charity.


Luisa Freyer


Luisa recently joined Welherz and supports Denise and Vanessa in Munich. The doctor brings new momentum to the team and develops ideas around the topic of fundraising.


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