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Aims and vision of Weltherz e.V.

Two things are particularly important to us: Firstly, it is important in the short and medium term to secure the basic needs of children through food, drinking water, medicine, hygiene and clothing in a familiar home. In the long term, Weltherz e.V. wants to enable children and young people through participation in the educational system and a good school education to become self-determined, well-qualified young people who will be able to exploit their personal and professional potential by graduating from school.

David im Unterricht seiner privaten Sekundarschule

How does Weltherz e.V. work?

Weltherz e.V. currently supports the orphanage Hope Home in Tanzania, that takes care of children from disadvantaged households as well as half orphans and orphans. To ensure the education of the children, we arrange sponsorships through which the children can attend schools full-time.

We regularly visit the Hope Home in Tanzania at our own expense in order to coordinate our projects such as the construction of an orphanage on site, to visit schools, to coordinate with those responsible and to maintain familiar contact with our project partners and the children. The needs of the children are always at the forefront of our plans. The long-term goal is to achieve a high degree of self-sufficiency on site, for example through the establishment of a pig and chicken farm or the production and sale of clothing and accessories.

Your Weltherz is well received:

You support an association which, due to its lean structure, can ensure that almost 100% of your donations and contributions will benefit the project. Weltherz e.V. has a network of supporters from various fields (legal, marketing, PR, design) – people with a big (world) heart. Due to their voluntary support, there are hardly any administrative costs, which is why we do not need to cover them with donations, but with the annual membership fees of our members.


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