Yearly review 2021: Start of our future project

2021 is an exciting year for all members of Weltherz e.V. Because: The new construction of the Hope Home orphanage has finally started after the pandemic forced break in 2020.

But first we start quietly: In the first half of the year we mainly take care of the basic work, i.e. ensure the basic supply, pay school fees and extend the health insurance. The children are back in school after home schooling and some of them are preparing for their final exams.

Construction of the new Hope Home in Chalinze begins

But in the second half of the year, things finally get going. Our volunteer Antonia Hagemann, who is staying at the Hope Home for three months, is playing a major role in this. She supports Sarah not only with the children, but also with the coordination of the building activities, the collection of offers, the preparation of the building calculations and the finalization of the building plans. Also closely involved is Sarah’s uncle, who already has some experience with construction projects and has valuable contacts.

In the fourth quarter, everything is finally ready and the starting ceremony takes place. Weltherz e.V. has already acquired the ground in Chalinze in 2019 thanks to the numerous donations.  And since the start of construction, things have been going at a rapid pace: numerous helpers are lifting and pouring foundations, erecting walls and putting on the roof. Sarah is diligently collecting all the receipts so that we can correctly track and settle everything on the association side.

Completion in the first half of 2022

In 2022, the work will continue quickly: windows and doors will be installed, the interior will be finished and then, of course, the biggest task: the move of the Hope Home from Boma Ng’ombe to Chalinze – with ten excited and lively children in the luggage. This is the beginning of an exciting journey for all the children: into a new future, with a permanent home without moving. We hope that we can continue to count on our many supporters and sponsors.

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