Interview with Sarah and Joseph

Sarah and Joseph tell their story about what they associate with the Hope Home, what family means to them and what values they would like to convey to the children.

Profile Sarah:
Age: 37 years (birthday: 1.1.)
Birthplace: Kilimanjaro
Tribe: Chaga (this tribe are mostly merchants)
Siblings: 1 brother
Children: 3 children

Profile Joseph:
Age: 35 years (birthday 3.3.)
Place of birth: Arusha
Tribe: Massai (this tribe are nomads)
Siblings: 1 brother
Children: 3 children

Why did you start Hope Home Orphanage?
Sarah: I like to take care of others and I couldn’t go to school myself. So I always tried to help others when they were in need. The orphanage has developed because we, as a foster family, took in two children who were never picked up again.
Joseph: I lived as a teenager myself as an orphan and had a hard life on the streets. I am glad that we can give the children at Hope Home a better life.

What was your best experience at Hope Home?
Sarah: To know that almost every child can go to a good school through the World Heart sponsorships.
Joseph: And if they pass their final exams 🙂

What do you like to do in your rare free time?
Sarah: I love gospel music and singing. I can do that in everyday life too.
Joseph: To be honest, I have never thought about a hobby.

What does family mean to you?
Both: Being together and staying together, helping each other and relying on each other. In a family, parents give a lot of love to their children, who in turn pass it on to others. As a family we try to help others and give something back. In our opinion, giving does not depend on what you own, but on the will to change something. In this sense, family for us also means educating children to be good Christians who can share their love with others.

What values would you like to teach the children at Hope Home?
Sarah: First and foremost we want to change their perspective, their behavior and their experiences as orphans. Her previous life has had a negative impact on her, here we would like to counteract with a positive family life, structure and appreciation. So it is all about love and that they should not miss anything they need.
Joseph: At the same time we try to prepare them for life in society, in which they have to get involved and respect other people and certain rules. They learn that they are responsible for themselves and their brothers and sisters in Hope Home and that you have to work hard for your goals and success. Nothing comes easy!

What do you wish for the future?
Both: Our children should no longer think about the fact that they no longer have parents. We hope that we can make them feel like a real family. We would like to see the children grow up happy at Hope Home, with a good education and the best chances for a better life. If we are honest, we want to see everyone in the world happy, but at least with the children we can influence that.

Thank you very much for the interview.

You can find more information about Sarah and Joseph here.

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