Review of 2019: We’re starting our future project


Sponsorships for all children, the purchase of a plot of land and work with young people: with the help of our numerous supporters we were able to achieve a great deal last year and make important preparations for the realisation of our project for the future.

2019 was a brilliant year for Weltherz e.V. Right at the beginning of the year we were able to take out health insurance for all children at Hope Home and have been able to ensure their health care ever since. Here you can read about the hurdles our association members have overcome and how the health system of Tanzania is structured.

The basic health care and school attendance for all 17 children currently living at Hope Home is now secured, as many sponsors have either a child or school sponsorship. We are very proud that so many people help us to make the lives of the children at Hope Home a little bit better and to give them a perspective for a self-determined future. If you would also like to support us on a regular basis, you can currently sign up for a project sponsorship of any amount. These donations will then flow directly into our future project, the new construction of an orphanage and later also a school.

The future project of Weltherz is taking shape
This project for the future took on a more concrete form last year. In order to realize the future project, we acquired a lot of land during a stay in August 2019. In the Chalinze region in the east of the country, around 25,000 square metres are now waiting to be built on. The preparations are already in full swing. The Christmas campaign 2019 was a decisive step in this direction, because at “Living without worries” we mainly collected donations for individual construction measures.

Originally we had planned to build a new orphanage as well as a women’s and counseling center for mentally and physically abused women and girls. However, we encountered several hurdles here, ranging from official requirements to the extraordinary need for care and support that such cases of hardship require. Requirements that are difficult to meet from a distance.

After intensive discussions with the responsible authorities on site, we have therefore decided to build a school in addition to the orphanage. This offers valuable opportunities and possibilities not only for the children and young people of Hope Home, but also for those from the Chalinze region. There is no private school there and therefore no access to the good school education which is so important in Tanzania. With the school Weltherz ensures an optimal school education for these children in the future. The income from the school fees will make the Hope Home independent of donations in the long run. For children from poorer backgrounds there will also be scholarships – a model that most private schools in Tanzania offer.

Children for children: school work at home
Besides our engagement in Tanzania, we have again worked together with some schools here in the region to sensitize the children for different life situations and to show them what can be achieved by joining forces. Like last year, we were at the Advent afternoon of the 5th classes of the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Gymnasium in Wertheim, whose entire income was donated to Weltherz. The 111 pupils of the former elementary school of our founder Denise in Karbach also put their heart and soul into the work for the children in Hope Home and ran around the school building in 1554 laps during the donation run. For the approximately 310 kilometers they received donations from their sponsors in the total amount of 2,340 Euros.

With so much support from young and old, we start full of energy into the year 2020, when we will start the new construction of the orphanage. We thank you for your support and hope that you will continue to be at our side with your world-heart.

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